Proofing and Samples

You can proof your campaign in several ways using Hello Market.

The first option is to use the 3D Preview tool which allows you to see and interact with a 3D model of your Campaign Creative, accessed by clicking the  button on the Tools menu of both the Creative Editor and your Campaign Dashboard. Once you set up personalisation options on your creative and upload your mailing data, you will be able to see how youred creative will look for each recipient.

The second option is to download a PDF proof of your campaign that you can view on screen or print out; you can do this by clicking the   button on the tools menu on your Campaign Dashboard. PDF proofs are created with sample data and are watermarked.

The final option is to mail yourself one or more items as samples - there are no minimum orders on Hello Market though our prices increase for small mailings because of the amount of materials and work required to set up and produce only a few items. This is why we recommend one of the first two options.

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