Using your own Artwork

Hello Market provides blank templates for each of our formats so you can upload your own artwork for use on each page.

Hello Market accepts JPG and PNG image formats and we recommend that your images have a resolution of at least 300DPI to maintain image quality once printed.


You can also upload PDFs to Hello Market. Each page in your PDF will be converted into high resolution RGB imagery and saved into your image library. Special print colours such as UV, Metallic, or other Spot Colours are not supported.

Hello Market will only convert up to the first 50 pages in any PDF.

You can upload PDFs with more pages, but only the first 50 will be converted and imported.

If you upload a PDF you must make sure that it looks correct on your creative template. To inspect your converted PDF in high resolution: select the Settings () icon whilst editing your creative and select High Quality from the quality drop down list. If you are editing a large format you can also select Fit To Width from the size menu.

Watch out for:

  • CMYK colours that don't look right once converted
  • 5th colours appearing as unexpected/unwanted colours (Special print colours are not supported)
  • Hidden PDF layers that are missing/appearing unexpectedly

It is up to you to proof your artwork once it has been imported into Hello Market.

Design Guide

If you plan to upload your own artwork on each page make sure you take into account the 3mm bleed which is displayed on our edit tool with a dotted blue line. Download our guidelines for designers here.

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